Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2012 Oct;61(10):1781-90.

Extended survival observed in adoptive activated T lymphocyte immunotherapy for advanced lung cancer: results of a multicenter historical cohort study.

Iwai K, Soejima K, Kudoh S, Umezato Y, Kaneko T, Yoshimori K, Tokuda H, Yamaguchi T, Mizoo A, Setoguchi Y, Kamigaki T, Fujimoto K, Goto S.

Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Evaluation Group, Seta Clinic Tokyo, Iidabashi 3-6-5, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0072  Japan



BACKGROUND: Immunotherapy had been attempted as a cancer treatment over the past two decades as a fourth treatment of cancer and suggested its effectiveness in experimental and clinical studies. However, no large scale clinical studies with statistical analysis have been conducted.

PURPOSE: Here we present the results of multicenter corporative clinical study on the immuno-cell therapy of stage 4 lung cancer patients, focusing on the survivals.

METHODS: Over 5×109 alpha-beta T lymphocytes cultured ex vivo were injected intravenously once every two weeks for the initial 3 months; a median frequency of 8.7 injection and a median duration of 6.1 months.

RESULTS:  Overall median survival of the patients with the best supportive care (n=25) was 5.6 months, immunotherapy alone (n=31) 12.5 months, chemotherapy alone (n=207) was 15.7 months, combination of immunotherapy with chemotherapy (n= 132) 18.7 months, immuno-radiotherapy (n=118) 20.8 months and immuno-chemo-radio-therapy (n=27) was 24.8 months. A two-year survival rate showed 0%, 23.2%, 37.1%, 41.9%, 43.3% and 58.9%, respectively. Multivariate analysis using Cox’s hazard ratio revealed that immunotherapy alone was effective especially in female adenocarcinoma (p<0.016) and combination with chemotherapy again showed the significant effectiveness. Under the immunotherapy, both the number of peripheral CD4+ and CD8+, especially the latter, showed an obvious increase and a good performance status was maintained until near death.

CONCLUSION: Alpha-beta T lymphocyte immunotherapy seems to extend the survivals of the advanced lung cancer patients, especially in the female adenocarcinoma. To maintain a good performance status during the treatment course is another benefit of the immune-cell therapy.

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