Diabetes 2013 Aug-5


Obesity and metabolic surgery in type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Nutr Hop. 2013;28(Sup2):31-34

Heike Raab, R. A. Weiner, M. Frenken, K. Rett And S. Weiner


Background: Obesity surgery is an effective method for treating obesity and diabetes mellitus type 2. This type of diabetes can be completely resolved in 78.1% of diabetic patients and can be improved or resolved in 86.6% of diabetic patients. But little is known about bariatric surgery in type 1 diabetes mellitus. Methods: We report of 6 female obese patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 who had bariatric surgery. Two of them underwent Roux-en Y gastric bypass (RNYGB), one of them had sleeve gastrectomy and the remaining three had biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal-switch (BPD-DS). Results: Our results showed a remarkable weight reduction as well as an improvement in their blood glucose control and the insulin requirement in the followup years after surgery. Pre-surgery the BMI of our 6 patients ranged between 37.3-46.0 kg/m2 and improved to 25.8-29.0 kg/m2 one year after surgery. HbA1c decreased from 6.7-9.8% pre-surgery to 5.7-8.5% after one year post-surgery. The total amount of daily insulin requirement was reduced from 62-150 IU/day pre-surgery to 15- 54 IU/day after one year. Conclusion: The results are impressive and show an improvement in insulin sensitivity following obesity surgery. However, an optimal blood glucose control still remains very important in the therapy of diabetes mellitus type 1 to avoid long-term-complications.

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