Simultaneous measurements of auto-immune and infectious disease specific antibodies using a high throughput multiplexing tool.

PLoS One. 2012;7(8):e42681.

Asati A, Kachurina O, Kachurin A.

Sanofi Pasteur, VaxDesign Campus, Orlando, Florida, United States of America.


Considering importance of ganglioside antibodies as biomarkers in various immune-mediated neuropathies and neurological disorders, we developed a high throughput multiplexing tool for the assessment of gangliosides-specific antibodies based on Biolpex/Luminex platform. In this report, we demonstrate that the ganglioside high throughput multiplexing tool is robust, highly specific and demonstrating ∼100-fold higher concentration sensitivity for IgG detection than ELISA. In addition to the ganglioside-coated array, the high throughput multiplexing tool contains beads coated with influenza hemagglutinins derived from H1N1 A/Brisbane/59/07 and H1N1 A/California/07/09 strains. Influenza beads provided an added advantage of simultaneous detection of ganglioside- and influenza-specific antibodies, a capacity important for the assay of both infectious antigen-specific and autoimmune antibodies following vaccination or disease. Taken together, these results support the potential adoption of the ganglioside high throughput multiplexing tool for measuring ganglioside antibodies in various neuropathic and neurological disorders.

PMID: 22952605



Recently, detection and monitoring of ganglioside antibodies has attracted considerable attention. Ganglioside antibodies are pathology markers important for diagnostics and classifications various neuropathic/neurological disorders where patients lack explicit clinical symptoms (see the Figure 1 below). Hence, there is an urgent need for fast, robust and high throughput methods of measuring and monitoring ganglioside antibodies, methods that would show advantage over the existing technologies such as ELISA or TLC-chromatography. High throughput multiplexing tool designed in our lab on BioPlex / Luminex platform promises to become a point-of-care diagnostic method for monitoring pathologically important ganglioside antibodies simultaneously with other correlates of the disease, such as pathogen specific antibodies or other markers.

Anatoly Kachurin-1


Anatoly Kachurin, Ph.D.
Director of Innovative Methods
SP VaxDesign campus
2501 Discovery Dr., Ste 300
Orlando, FL 32826

Anatoly Kachurin

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