Neuroscience Biomedical Frontiers

Neuroscience Biomedical Frontiers

Posted by Lieven Gevaert on 31st Aug 2021

Accumulation of DNA damage-induced chromatin alterations in tissue-specific stem cells: the driving force of aging?

Are human dental papilla-derived stem cell and human brain-derived neural stem cell transplantation suitable for treatment of Parkinson’s disease?

Assessment of a preclinical model for studying the survival and engraftment of human stem cell derived osteogenic cell populations following orthotopic implantation.

Epigenetic switching by the metabolism-sensing factors in the generation of orexin neurons from mouse embryonic stem cells.

Improved cell therapy protocols for Parkinson’s disease based on differentiation efficiency and safety of hESC-, hiPSC-, and non-human primate iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons.