Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular Disease


2016 December

 Environmental Cardiopulmonary Disease Group - Respiratory & Cardiovascular  Diseases


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2016 Aug

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2015 Nov-Dec



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BREAKING NEWS: Editors’ Picks

  • Longitudinal Effects of Dietary Sodium and Potassium on Blood Pressure in Adolescent Girls. JAMA Pediatrics, 2015 June;
    Girls who consumed 2,400 mg per day or more of potassium had lower blood pressure at the end of adolescence
  • Projected benefits of high blood pressure treatment in China. PLOS Medicine, August 4, 2015
    An expanded program of treatment for hypertension could prevent about 800,000 cardiovascular disease (CVD) events every year in China.
  • High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T and Risk of Hypertension. Circulation, August 26, 2015
    Analysis of blood samples from more than 5,000 people suggests that a more sensitive version of a blood test long used to verify heart muscle damage from heart attacks could also identify people on their way to developing hypertension well before the so-called silent killer shows up on a blood pressure machine.
  • A novel diagnostic protocol to identify patients suitable for discharge after a single high-sensitivity troponinHeart, 2015 Feb
    A new test that rules out heart attacks in patients could reduce hospital admissions by as much as 40%, for patients with chest pain.
  • Transplantation of Unique Subpopulation of Fibroblasts, Muse Cells, Ameliorates Experimental Stroke Possibly Via Robust Neuronal Differentiation. Stem Cells, 2015 Sept;
    Stem cell transplantation aimed at neural repair following stroke has, for several years, been recognized as a possible way to ameliorate the effects of stroke. However, studies have shown that there are drawbacks and consequences to most stem cells tested in laboratory studies, such as the propensity for the cells to differentiate into several cell types (pluripotent) and to form tumors.
  • Risk of Stroke at the Time of Carotid Occlusion. JAMA Neurology, 2015 Nov;
    Preventing carotid artery occlusion (blockage) may not be a valid indication for stenting because the risk of progression to occlusion appears to be below the risk of carotid stenting or endarterectomy (surgical removal of plaque from an artery)
  • The feasibility of meeting the WHO guidelines for sodium and potassium: a cross-national comparison study. BMJ Open, 2015, April 7
    To reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, the World Health Organization recommends we consume no more than 2000 mg of sodium a day — less than a teaspoon of salt.
  • Reducing salt and increasing potassium will have major global health benefitsBMJ, April 5, 2013
    Such a strategy will save millions of lives every year from heart disease and stroke.
  • Nanoparticles that Sense Thrombin Activity as Synthetic Urinary Biomarkers of Thrombosis. ACS Nano, 2013;
    Detecting dangerous blood clots, which can cause life-threatening conditions such as strokes and heart attacks, leading causes of death for men and women in the US, has been a coveted and elusive goal. But scientists are now reporting progress in the form of a simple urine test.